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100% Natural & Handmade

100% Natural & Handmade published on Geen reacties op 100% Natural & Handmade

DorstPerfumes is an independent & inspired micro scent-laboratory that creates perfumes using only 100% natural oils, absolutes and tinctures which results in perfume-creations with a strong classic feel but also displaying a modern twist. Made by hand, each bottle is treated with love and care. Discover the true smells of nature, the real smooth- and softness that connects with your skin, resulting in a long lingering scent-aura that provides comfort, happiness and a sense of originalit


Perfume is like architecture: out of a solid foundation, a play of lines and plane of walls emerges where spaces being altered by moving light and casting shadows- blending and making new colours that morph the straight into curved, the sharp into soft, the cloudy into transparent, the rough into smooth and visa versa.

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