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Dorst Perfumes was founded by me after a long timespan of observing, experiencing and analyzing scents in everday life. As I was always interested in perfumes and smell, I started off in the world of wine, liquor and whisky for a profession and gradually shifted to the world of perfumery. After many years of reading and collecting books on the subject, I decided to start attending courses at the NPI, the Natural Perfume Institute. For several years now I study under supervision of Anya McCoy, an American perfumer who is credited for pioneering natural perfumery and putting it in the spotlight of perfumery in general, artisticly and business-wise. Actually creating perfumes now is a lifetime ambition and a dream come true: I love the magic that’s involved in- and comes out of the process. Aiming for simplicity- my focus and passion are translated in a refined balance between ingredients and the quest to impart a synergy- that alltogether¬†ignites a living sparkle to give perfumes a great sense of livelyness and an instant recognizable scentprofile.¬†

”Making perfumes is like solving a puzzle by making a new puzzle.”


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