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[02]…DIMMA eau de parfum

vanilla-sweet smoky tobacco


DIMMA…is based on the childhood-memory of my father’s pipe-tobacco ‘Sail’, this perfume mimics the ritual of smoking a cigar. From the moment of rolling it through your fingers, the short sniffing of the outside, the penetrating sharp smoke of the first inhales after the lighting…then the warm, full and sweet luscious smells of spices, boozy woods, vanille and soft tarry leather…to the putting it out in a stone-made ashtray, the intriquing smell of hot, burnt tobacco versus the coolness of cold stone… Dimma is an ode to the Cigar.

Ingredients: pure grain alcohol 96%, essential oils/absolutes: lavender haute alp, lemon exp, sweet fennel, lavender abs, cassie CO2, tobacco, old amber, nagamotha, vanille abs, cade and hay abs.

10ml bottle/splash €27,00
30ml bottle/spray €81,00
3x 1ml vial okerh-dimma-gourh €11,50


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