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[03]GOURH eau de parfum

ginger-spicy rose gourmand


GOURH…a mouthwatery fresh, warm spicy perfume with an accord of fresh ginger, cardamom and coffee, a heart of rose & coconut, filled up with whiffs of blood orange, chocolate and tonkabean. Rich, subtle and vivid- this one makes you forget to order your favorite dessert in your favorite restaurant. Try it, and it will might even turn your skin into your favorite dessert.

Ingredients: pure grain alcohol 96%, essential oils/absolutes: red & yellow mandarin, yuzu, fresh ginger, pink grapefruit, blood orange, cinnamon CO2, cardemon CO2, rose otto, coconut, tonkabean, coffee, cocoa, patchouli dark.

10ml bottle/splash €27,00
30ml bottle/spray €81,00
Sampler 3x 1ml vial ohker-dimma-gourh €11,50


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