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white label serie


The white label serie is the first collection of 3 unisex perfumes, each one having its own characteristics and elegance. All 3 perfumes aiming for a simplistic yet deeply personal interaction with the wearers skin. To be preserved from (sun)light, the perfumes are locked in opal white glass bottles that radiate a nostalgic ceramic appearance and clean look. Furthermore, minimal labelling and visuals were used to maintain its slick and anonymous ‘white label’ personality and keeps the focus on the most important aspect: the perfume inside the bottle.

OKER edp is a poetic olfactory translation of the warmth and longing of human skin that’s craving for a loved one, DIMMA edp represents the ritual of smoking a cigar while GOURH takes the chance of turning your skin into your favorite dessert. Navigate yourself to the perfumes for additional info and in-depth descriptions.


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